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Introducing Diamond Corporation, your go-to partner in the realm of imaging technology. Renowned as pioneers in the industry, we offer a comprehensive array of spare parts crafted to elevate the performance of your color lab parts, photo labs, and minilab machines. Our commitment to excellence, precision engineering, and unparalleled quality sets Diamond Corporation apart as the trusted source for all your spare part requirements.

As the foremost manufacturer of color lab parts machine parts, we specialize in Fuji mini lab parts, Konica mini lab parts, Noritsu mini lab parts, Kish mini lab parts, and LPS 24Pro mini lab parts. Catering to clients across the globe, including INDIA, USA, Dubai, UK, and Australia, Diamond Corporation stands as the largest provider of color lab parts machine parts in INDIA.

Our extensive inventory encompasses a wide range of components, including Mini Lab Gear, Mini Lab bushing, Mini Lab roller, and various electronics parts such as PCB, Lamp, Laser Gun, Sensor, Magazine, Black Printer Ribbon, All Types of Motors, Belt, and Filter. With abundant stock readily available, including AOM, we ensure swift access to the parts you need, whenever you need them.

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